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Ballymaloe LitFest 2013 ‘Going Natural’ and more

Just back from the first edition of Ballymaloe LitFest, and what a wonderful week-end that was;  the line-up of International and Irish speakers was unique, and so was the quality of the presentations, forums, pop-ups, tasting and demos. No doubt as Food and Wine festivals go,  there will be a pre and a post-LitFest.

Colm McCan (Ballymaloe Sommelier)

Colm McCan (Ballymaloe Sommelier)

On the wine side, there was a mountain of interesting events, Ballymaloe resident-Sommelier Colm McCan  lined up an impressive list of talks, tasting and presentations,

Our own presentation with Mary Dowey ‘Going Natural, new trends in wine’  went really well – we had a full house at the Carrigaun Room, and the wines showed very well.

The themes of the presentations were:

Biodynamic Wines, illustrated with Valpolicella Classico ‘Saseti’ 2011, Monte dall’Ora

Natural wines, Vouvray ‘la dilettante’ 2011, Pierre et Catherine Breton

No Sulphites addedVina Almate Tempranillo 2012, Alfredo Maestro Tejero

Old Vines, Vinsobres 2010, Chaume-Arnaud

If you want to read more about our event and the LitFest festival, look-up Billy Lyons’ excellent blog here


Jancis Robinson with Pascal Rossignol (Le Caveau Kilkenny)

Jancis Robinson with Pascal Rossignol (Le Caveau Kilkenny)

The next day, it was Jancis Robinson’s inspiring ‘Wine Grapes’ presentation and tasting. Jancis lined-up 8 wines, including two of our imports:

Chateau du Cedre, Cahors Cuvée GC 2007

Charles Hours Jurancon 2011 ‘Clos Uroulat’

Read Jancis Robinson own report here


And to the Big Shed… what a brilliant place to be, the food, the atmosphere, the family-friendliness, and the party atmosphere in the evening were memorable. If you enjoyed the wines served there, chances are they were one of these:

Alain Brumont, Gros Manseng-Sauvignon 2011, Pays de Gascogne

Vouvray ‘la dilettante’ 2011, Pierre et Catherine Breton

Valpolicella Classico ‘Saseti’ 2011, Monte dall’Ora


read more on what went on in the big shed in Joe McNamee’s brilliant piece here


Full report on LitFest by John and Sally McKenna & Team here




LitFest 2013, Ballymaloe 3rd – 6th May 2013

This coming May Bank Holiday week-end, the Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine will bring some of the world’s best known chefs, critics, commentators, kitchen gardeners, foragers and wine experts to East Cork.
The festival will be held at Ballymaloe House and Ballymaloe Cookery School. In addition to the usual festival activities (readings, talks, panel discussions) there will be demonstrations, tastings, producer visits, foraging expeditions, lunches and dinners.

The objective of the Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine is to bring together a wide, varied and international group of cookery writers, journalists, bloggers and critics whilst also offering a varied programme for professional and non-professional food enthusiasts from Ireland and abroad.

We are delighted to be involved in what promises to be one absolutely brilliant week-end!

see the full list of events here:

and the wine events here:


Monte dall’Ora Wines Reviewed

Carlo Venturini, Monte dall'Ora

Lovely write-up on Carlo and Alessandra Venturini’s Monte dall’Ora wines in the Vine Inspiration blog

read more here:

See our Monte dall’Ora wines here

Two wines in the Sunday Times

Martin Moran writes a nice article on Natural wines in today’s Sunday Times and select two of our imports





Martin Moran recommends:

Vouvray ‘la Dilettante’, Catherine et Pierre Breton

Gran Cerdo Tempranillo

Artisan wine tasting 2013 (Trade and press)

Our annual Artisan wine tasting took place on Thursday 7th February in Fallon and Byrne, Dublin 2.

We presented over 150 wines and eight winegrowers came over to assist us and present their wines. The turn-out was excellent with great vibe and buzz around the room all day long. The day was followed by an informal dinner with the winegrowers who were all very happy with their short stay in Dublin.

Here are some pictures taken by Gary:

La Dive Bouteille 2013


The imposing Chateau de Breze was the venue for La Dive Bouteille 2013

 La Dive bouteille 2013

It was a cold early February morning in the Loire, yet not as cold as the  previous year, where both winegrowers and vistors to La Dive tasting were absolutely freezing in the huge cellars of the impressive Chateau de Breze.

La Dive is an amazing gathering of artisan, low intervention winegrowers which takes place near Saumur in the heart of the Loire Valley each year. Brainchild of French wine journalist Sylvie Augereau, it is now in its 14th year and it is gathering pace, fast.

Lots of familiar faces were present (see the full list of growers below) and it was brilliant to meet again with Catherine Breton, Luca Roagna, Eric Narioo, Olivier Cousin, Jean Maupertuis, Valerie Chaume-Arnaud, Ludovic Bonnelle, Paolo Vodopivec, Vincent Wallard to name but a few.

This was an exciting tasting, where each glass had the ability to surprise you, as often with low intervention wines, the overall impression was that of purity and precision of aromas, vibrancy, liveliness, balance and drinkability. It stroke me how the overall quality of these wines are improving, I imagine the growers are getting better and better at understanding their vineyards and timing each intervention in the winery.

Sylvie Augereau

The winegrowers:


Jérôme Prevost, la Closerie

Hélène et Bertrand Gautherot, Vouette Sorbée

Benoît Lahaye

Thierry Demarne, Demarne-Frison

Vincent Laval


Audrey et Christian Binner

Jean-Christophe Bott, Bott-Geyl

Stéphane Bannwarth


Etienne Thiebaud, Cavarodes

Evelyne et Pascal Clairet, la Tournelle

Philippe et Tony Bornard


Jean-Yves Peron

Jacques Maillet

François Grinand, le Perron (Bugey)


Adrien Roux, Maison Caroline Marion (Chablis)

Vincent Thomas, la Chappe

Catherine et Jean Montanet, la Cadette (Vézelay)

Catherine et Claude Maréchal

Yann Durieux, Recrue des Sens (Htes Côtes)

Fanny Sabre

Jean-Pascal Sarnin et Jean-Marie Berrux

Julien Altaber, Sextant

Isabelle et J-Y Vantey, Rouges Queues

Cécile et Philippe Valette (Pouilly-Fuissé)

Claire et Fabio Montrasi, les Rontets (P-Fuissé)

Philippe Jambon  (Mâconnais)

Arnaud Combier (Saint-Véran)


Marie et Matthieu Lapierre

Geneviève et Jean-Claude Chanudet, Chamonard

Christophe Pacalet

Carole et Nicolas Testard

Georges Descombes

Karim Vionet

Raphaël Champier

Jean-Claude Lapalu

Bordeaux et Sud-Ouest

Michel Favard, Meylet (Saint-Emilion)

François Décombe, La Haie (Bordeaux)

Franck Pascal, Jonc Blanc (Bergerac)

Béné et Grég Hubau, Moulin Pey-Labrie (Fronsac)

Elian Da Ros (Marmandais)

Magalie et Ludovic Bonnelle, le Pech (Buzet)

Yvonne Hégoburu, Souch (Jurançon)

Mathieu Cosse (Cahors) et La Coste (Provence)

Simon Busser (Cahors)

Stéphanie Roussel,Lassole (Marmandais)

Sylviane et Michel Issaly, la Ramaye (Gaillac)

Myriam et Bernard Plageoles  (Gaillac)

Marc Penavayre, Plaisance (Fronton)

Dominique Andiran, Haut Campagnau (Gers)

Nicolas Carmarans (Entraygues, Aveyron)

Patrick Rols (Entraygues, Aveyron)


Jean-Michel Stéphan (Côte Rôtie)

Béa et Hervé Souhaut, Romaneau d’Estezet (St-Jo)

Valérie et Philippe Chaume-Arnaud (Vinsobres)

Marcel Richaud (Cairanne)

Guy et Thomas Jullien, ferme St Martin

Claudie et Bertrand Cortellini, Rouge Garance

Laurence et Antoine Joly, Roche Buissière

Philippe Viret

Jérôme Jouret (Ardèche)

Manu Cunin et Vincent Fargier, Deux Terres (Ardèche)

Gérald Oustric, le Mazel  (Ardèche)

Gilles Azzoni, la Bégude (Ardèche)

Hélène et Christophe Comte, Le Vigneau (Ardèche)

Andrea Calek (Ardèche)


Delphine et Julien Zernott, Pas de l’Escalette

Thierry Navarre (Saint-Chinian)

Yannick Pelletier (Saint-Chinian)

Blandine et Pierre Jequier, Foulaquier (Pic St L)

Charlotte et Jean-Baptiste Sénat (Minervois)

Gilles Azam, les Hautes Terres (Limoux)

Anne-Marie Lavaysse, Gimios (Minervois)

Bernard Bellahsen, Fontedicto

Emile Hérédia, les Dimanches

Laetitia Ourliac, Fond Cyprès (Corbières)

Maxime Magnon (Corbières)

Axel Prüfer, le Temps des Cerises

Alain Allier, Mouressipe (Gard)


Gérard et Lionel Gauby

Tom Lubbe, Matassa

Loïc Roure, Domaine du Possible

Edouard Laffitte, le Bout du Monde

Jacques de Chancel, l’Ausseil

Philippe Wies, La Petite Baigneuse (Maury)

Bruno Duchêne (Collioure)

Manuel Di Vecchi, Vinyer de la Ruca (Banyuls)

Jean-Luc Chossart, Jolly-Ferriol

Gyslaine et A. Castex, Casot de Mailloles (Banyuls)

Christine Campadieu, Tour Vieille (Collioure)

Provence – Corse

Antoine et Jean-Baptiste Arena (Corse)

Jean-Baptiste Dutheil, Sainte-Anne (Bandol)

Peter Fischer, Revelette

Jean-Christophe Comor, Terres Promises


John Wurdeman et Malkhaz, Pheasant’s Tears (Géorgie)

Soliko Tsaishvili, Chveni Gvino-Our Wine (Géorgie)

Nikoloz Antadze, Antadze Winery (Géorgie)

Estelle et C. Bongiraud, Francuska Vinarija (Serbie)

Paolo Vodopivec, Venezia Giulia (Italie)

Anna et Eric Narioo, Vino di Anna, Etna (Italie)

Francesca Sfondrini, Massa Vecchia, Toscane (Italie)

Clémentine et Gian-Marco Antonuzi, le Coste (Italie)

Luca Roagna, Piémont (Italie)

Fernando Garcia, Comando G, Madrid (Espagne)

Olivier Rivière, Rioja (Espagne)

Luis Arnedo, Bodegas Lacus, Rioja (Espagne)

Vincent Wallard et Emile Hérédia, 4 Manos (Argent.)

Louis-Antoine Luyt, Le Vin Perdu (Chili)

Joseh Pedicini, Montebruno, Oregon (US)

Autres potions

Julie et Cyril Laudet, Laballe (Armagnac)

Guilhem Grosperrin, la Gabare (Cognac)

Julien Frémont (cidres)

Laurent Cazottes (eaux de  vie, liqueurs)

Ludo et Stéph Hardouin, Brasserie de la Pigeonnelle

Nathalie et Edgar Lefort, Vinaigrerie la Guinelle Les Cafés nature d’ Hippolyte Courty

Loire – Vaisseau Mère

Jérôme Bretaudeau, Bellevue (Muscadet)

Marc Pesnot, la Sénéchalière (Muscadet)

J Bresteau et M Houtin, Grange aux Belles (Anjou)

Philippe Delmée (Anjou)

Johanna et J-F Chéné, Coulée d’Ambrosia (Anjou)

Geneviève et Nicolas Bertin, l’Echalier (Anjou)

Olivier Cousin (Anjou)

Sylvain Martinez (Anjou)

Sébastien Bobinet (Saumur-Champigny)

Eric Dubois, Clos Cristal (S-Champigny)

Antoine Sanzay (S-Champigny)

Thierry Germain, Roches Neuves (S-Champigny)

Sylvain Dittière, Porte Saint-Jean (S-Champigny)

Caroline et Antoine Foucault, le Collier (Saumur)

Arnaud Lambert, Brézé (Saumur)

Romain Guiberteau (Saumur)

Nicolas Reau (Anjou-Chinon)

Patrick Corbineau (Touraine-Chinon)

Fred Sigonneau, de l’R (Chinon)

Jérôme Lenoir, cave des Roches (Chinon)

François Blanchard, le Grand Cléré (Touraine)

Gérard Marula (Touraine-Chinon)

Catherine et Pierre Breton (Bourgueil-Chinon)

Lise et Bertrand Jousset (Montlouis)

Sébastien Brunet (Vouvray)

Mathieu Cosme, Beaumont (Vouvray)

Frantz Saumon (Montlouis)

C. et D. Delecheneau, Grange Tiphaine (Mtlouis)

Grégory Leclerc, Chahut et Prodiges (Touraine)

Noella Morantin (Touraine)

Pascal Simonutti, le Pré Noir (Touraine)

Brendan Tracey (Touraine)

Moses et Pascal Potaire, les Capriades (Touraine)

Aurélie et Jean-Luc Tessier (Touraine)

Cyrille Sevin (Cheverny)

Olivier  Lemasson, les Vins Contés (Touraine)

Christian Venier (Touraine)

Claudine, Claude et Etienne Courtois (Sologne)

Reynald Héaulé (Orléannais)

Noella et J-P Robinot, l’Ange Vin (Jasnières)

Renaud Guettier, La Grapperie (Côteaux du Loir)

Alexandre Bain (Pouilly-Fumé)

Mathieu Coste (Côteaux du Giennois)

Jean Maupertuis (Côtes d’Auvergne)

Géraldine et C Pialoux, Picatier (Cts Roannaises)