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Artisan wine tasting 2014 – Trade and Press


Le Caveau

Artisan Wine Tasting – Trade and Press

Fallon and Byrne, 6th February 2014

10:30 to 17:30

Our annual Portfolio tasting took place on Thursday 6th February, in Fallon and Byrne, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2. This is the event which kicks off the new year for us as it is the time where we present our new wines, new vintages and fresh-from-the-printer wholesale list to sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine buyers, wine writers and journalists.

As always, a few wine growers and winery export Managers came up to introduce their wines – Corina from Solar de Urbezo (Carinena, Spain); Laure from Clos de Caveau (Vacqueyras, Rhone Valley); Pedro from Bodegas Fuentenarro (Ribera del Duero); Carlo of Monte dall’Ora (Veneto); Felice of Cantina Frentana (Abruzzo); Pedro of Framingham Vineyards (New Zealand), Stéphane paid us a fourth consecutive visit and introduced his Bordeaux wines from Chateau Turcaud and Dario of Les Caves de Pyrene, another regular to our tastings, came up from London. Their presence give an extra dimension to our tasting and we are very grateful they took the time off their busy schedule to come over and assist us.

The turn-out was brilliant, there was a great buzz in the room all day and we would like to sincerely thank everyone who came. The wines showed up very well, there are days you feel wines are closed, and feel a bit numb, but luckily, this wasn’t the case last Thursday (probably a fruit day in the biodynamic calendar?) – Incidentally, we had 2 faulty bottles out of over 190 openned, again this is fair and it certainly proves the cork industry have cleaned up their act over recent years.

The day ended with growers (and ourselves!) being very satisfied with the turn-out and commenting on the professionalism and knowledge of the tasters, and this is a real tribute to the Irish wine scene.


Read Paddy of The Vine Inspiration’s views of Jean Foillard Morgon Cote de Py

2014Tastinga                                                                                                                2014Tastingb





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Christmas shop opening times

Christmas 2013


 We wish all our Customers and visitors a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!


Christmas 2013 arrangements – shop and website

Shop opening times

Monday 16th December   10.30 to 6.30pm
Tuesday 17th December   10.30 to 6.30pm
Wednesday 18th December  10.30 to 7.00pm
Thursday 19th December   10.30 to 8.00pm
Friday 20th December   10.30 to 8.00pm
Saturday 21st December   10.30 to 6.30pm
Sunday 22nd December   12.00 to 6.00pm

Monday 23rd December   10.30 to 8.00pm
Tuesday 24th December   10.30 to 4pm
Christmas Day    closed
Thursday 26th December   closed
Friday 27th December   closed
Saturday 28th December   10.30 to 6.00pm
Sunday 29th December   closed

Monday 30th December   10.30 to 6.00pm
Tuesday 31st December   10.30 to 4pm

Then our shop will be closed for annual holidays – re-opening on Tuesday 7th January 2014 at 10.30

Website orders:

Last orders for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery: Wednesday 18th December
orders received after this date will be processed and delivered early in January 2014
Normal website service will resume on Thursday 2nd January 2014


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Beaujolais Nouveau, il est la!

Beaujolais Nouveau 2013

Like many people, I suppose, I had long been dismissive about the wines of Beaujolais. That was until I tasted Jean Foillard’s magnificent Morgon Côte du Py a few years ago…It completely changed my perspective on the possibilities for honest, authentic and even fine wines from this region.
Foillard may be one of the avant-garde, but there are other, perhaps less vaunted, producers who are producing Gamay that, without the artifices of excessive intervention in both the vineyard and the cellar, are alive with juicy freshness and a real joie de vivre.

 Gilles and Cècile Roux and Didier Desvignes are but two of these producers and their wines have been especially blessed by several exceptionally good recent vintages. I am looking forward to tasting the 2013, which by all accounts, has been made by glorious September weather. We have ordered a small quantity of their Beaujolais Nouveau which gives us a fun excuse to pre-taste the new vintage!
As I say, quantities are quite small, so don’t delay!

Claire O’Boyle-Gallagher, Le Caveau

Gilles et Cécile Roux, Domaine de la Plaigne – Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2013

A chance to get an insight into the 2013 vintage from Gilles and Cécile Roux,
who are based in Regnié-Durette.
Cécile Roux, just this week told us that they were happy with how the vintage
went with a glorious unbroken run of sunshine in September resulting in fully
ripe grapes. The fermentation cellar, she said, has been heady with the aromas
of sweet red fruits and that unmistakeable smell of newly fermented grape juice
and smells heavenly!

Didier Desvignes, Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau ‘Nature’ 2013
Organic viticulture, wild yeasts only (and certainly no 71B!), no chaptalisation, no added sulphur

Didier Desvignes is one of a number of small, artisan growers whose dynamism and vision are driving the new quality focus of Beaujolais wines.
The best producers of this region are now producing some of the most delicious, food-friendly and under-priced wines in France- no ‘goût de banane’ here!
These light-bodied wines have crunchy raspberry and sour-cherry fruit flavours, soft tannins and fresh acidity. This kind of structure means that they can be drunk slightly cool and complement a wide variety of foods: white or red  meats, charcuterie, soft cheeses.

November Sale now on!

For this year’s sale, we have decided to keep things simple,

we are offering 15% off all wines and Sparklings on our website and Kilkenny shop!

The sale started on November 1st and will end on Saturday 16th November 2013 at 6.30pm

So now is the time to stock up on your favourite wines or pick a case of discoveries

Happy bargain hunting!

Le Caveau team

7 Wines To Celebrate Father’s Day In Ireland

Father's Day at Le Caveau

Father’s Day in Ireland is this coming Sunday, 16 June and we have selected a few delicious wines that would please the most discerning palate:

If you’re looking to pick out a wine for your husband, father, partner, grandfather – whatever the case may be – the feel free to drop in to us this week or go with our recommendations on the above wines.

We won’t be open on Father’s Day ourselves (so don’t leave it too late to shop for wine), but we’ll be here until Saturday evening and of course you can order online at any stage this week, though the earlier the better if you want to get your bottles for Sunday!

You can also call us in the shop on 056 7752166.

Happy Father’s day!



Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival – Our top 5 ‘Funny labels’…



The Cat Laughs comedy Festival is back in Kilkenny this bank Holiday week-end, that inspired us to have a look around our shop and pull out our 5 most humorous labels:


1/ Gran Cerdo Tempranillo, Gonzalo Gonzalo Grijalba (the real fun is on the back label on this one!)

2/ Béret, Chateau la Canorgue

3/ Vouvray ‘la dilettante’, Pierre et Catherine Breton

4/ El Nino Loco, Guillaume Gros

5/ ‘In Cot we trust’, Thierry Puzelat



Book your tickets to the Cat Laughs here





Natural Wine Tasting at Ballymaloe Grain Store

Wine Tasting at Ballymaloe Grain Store

Ballymaloe Grain Store was the venue for our ‘Real wines – Celebrating the Artisan growers’ presentation last Sunday. Pascal Rossignol of Le Caveau was joined by Eric Narioo  owner of Les Caves de Pyrene, a UK wine importer championing the cause of Natural wines and his wife Anna Martens, owner/winemaker of Mount Etna winery Vino di Anna.  Once again, we greatly appreciated the impeccable organisation of Ballymaloe, lead by sommelier Colm McCan and his team.

Pascal (right) at the Ballymaloe Grain Store Natural Wine tasting night

We presented 8 wines, each of them bursting with individuality, charm and life. Answering a question during the presentation Eric Narioo predicted that in 20 years, most wines would be produced naturally, given the overwhelming enthusiasm with which an entire new generation of winegrowers around the World are embracing these methods. The demand is certainly growing, with the ‘natural wine bar scene’ in major cities such as New York, London or Paris still in full swing and with more and more restaurants allowing greater space to Artisan wines on their lists.

In effect, Natural wines may never replace conventional wines, but they certainly offer a brilliant alternative to wine drinkers in search of emotion and authenticity,  and as in the words of Patricia Nelson recently posted on Slow Food website

‘In the end, there is definitely room to accommodate both markets. Natural wines counter what seems to be increasing homogeneity, and it is heartening to see producers and retailers embracing craft practices while creating products that do not present an ever-pervasive sameness.’

Natural Wine Tasting at Ballymaloe Grain Store

Wines We Presented At Ballymaloe Grain Store

Real Wine – Celebrating the Artisan Grower

What is this?
A wine talk and wine tasting, presented by Eric Narioo (Les Caves de Pyrene, UK) and Pascal Rossignol (Le Caveau)
This is a great opportunity to listen to Eric Narioo, owner of Les Caves de Pyrene, one of the most cutting-edge wine importer in the UK. Eric is also behind 4 very successful wine bars / restaurants in London: Terroirs, Brawn, Green Man and French Horn and Soif. Eric also owns a small vineyard on the slopes of Mount Etna, Sicily with his wife, Australian winemaker Anna Martens, where they produce gorgeous Natural wines, including the Nerello Mascalese based Vino di Anna.

Is it just a talk?
No, we will be tasting 8 Artisan wines, these wines have great personality and we will get a chance to hear about the people and the story behind each of them.

Where is it?
In the beautiful Grain Store at Ballymaloe House, Shanagarry, Co. Cork

and when?
On Sunday 26th May 2013, 6 to 8pm

How much and how can I book?
The charge is €15 per person
Bookings are handled by Colm McCan, Sommelier at Ballymaloe House
Tel: 086 0859034 colm@ballymaloe.ie

Ballymaloe website here

We hope to see you there!




Focus on natural wines

Natural wines, low intervention wines, artisan wines, real wines, call them what you will, truth is, we love them and can’t get enough of them. From the winegrowers point of view, producing natural wines is as much a professional occupation as it is a way of life. What we like so much about them is that they truly reflect their plot of land, the grapes and their vintage. These wines feel alive, and they probably are since they come from vineyards free of any chemicals, with roots deeply implanted in life-bursting soils. In the winery, only the healthiest fruits made it to the vats, no excessive manipulations took place, natural, local yeasts were responsible for the fermentation, with an ‘as long as it takes’ approach, and no modern additives were used if only in some case, a dash of sulphur (so2) at bottling stage.

Good natural wines will showcase fruit purity, energy and balance. Typically, they will have lower alcohol level, be flavour-ripe yet have a balancing natural acidity and/or tannins which make ideal food partners.

Here is a list (far from exhaustive) of the natural wines you can find in our wine shop and website:

Cascina Degli Ulivi, Bellotti Rosso – Dolcetto – Barbera
Cascina Degli Ulivi, Bellotti Bianco Cortese
Pierre and Catherine BRETON Bourgueil Trinch!
Frantz Saumon, Montlouis Minérale +
Pithon-Paillé, Anjou Blanc Mozaik Chenin Blanc
Clos du Tue-Boeuf Cheverny rouge
Clos des Grillons, Cotes du Rhone Blanc
Gran Cerdo Tempranillo
Alfredo Maestro Tejero, Vina Amalte – Castilla y Leon
Adega Cachin, Peza do Rei, Ribera Sacra
Coste Piane Prosecco di Valdobbiadene ‘Naturale’
Villalobos- The Wild Vineyards – Carignan Reserve
Louis-Antoine Luyt, Cinsault ‘Quellu’
Bobar Syrah, Yarra Valley