Azienda Ampeleia, Rosato di Ampeleia


Rosato di Ampeleia is a blend of Alicante Nero and Carignan. Alicante is added in full bunches into the direct pressed Carignan must and let to infuse for few days, allowing texture and colour from the skins to gently mix into the must. The soil is sandy, limestone and clay.

The wine is dry, light and shows subtle flavours, strawberry and stoney hints on the nose; the palate is super fresh and zesty, it has energy, a certain roundness mid-way then ends on racy mineral, zesty notes. Delicious, food friendly wine.

AZIENDA AMPELEIA, Roccateterighi, Maremma - Certified organic and biodynamic by Q Certificazioni and Demeter

Ampeleia (from the Greek word for ‘vine’) is owned by Elisabetta Foradori and Giovani Podini. The winemaker and agronomist, Marco Tait has been with the estate since its inception in 2002. It was founded with Elisabetta’s overarching vision of allowing the true nature of an area, its diversity, its grapes, land and culture to be expressed. The wildness of the southern Maremma, bounded by the Colle Metallifere and the sea were virgin territory, far removed from the glamour of Bolgheri and Montalcino. The estate is large and biodiverse with a total of 40 ha of vineyard interspersed with chestnut and cork oak forests as well as Mediterranean scrub. There are three parts, across differing altitudes, with differing soils and microclimates: Ampeleia di Sopra; di Mezzo and di Sotto.