Domaine Labet Metis Rouge 2018


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 Gentle and soft extraction gives Metis 2018 a delicate edge, ripe red and black berry with meaty/smokey hints, the fruit feels very detailed and precise, and the finish is fresh and juicy.

Métis, meaning mixed race, is a cuvée which has really improved over the last few years. It's always a wine whose components will vary from year to year and includes this year: 35% Gamay, 22% Poulsard, 10% Trousseau, 10% Forgotten old Jura varieties et 5% Enfariné. Aged in 228ltr barrels for nine months. 

DOMAINE LABET, Rotalier                Organic

Domaine Labet is located in the village of Rotalier, South Revermont, at the Southern tip of the Jura wine region. This family of winegrowers, Alain, Charline, Josie, Romain et Julien cultivate organically 13-ha, split between 45 parcels, producing each year, 13 different cuvées. 

Most vines are between 50 to 100 year-old, and have been planted at a time when clones didn’t exist, through selection massale. when each winegrowers and each village had their own selection of plants. Each vine came from cuttings from exceptional old vines from the same (or nearby) property. This method had long-term benefits of increasing individuality and uniqueness in wine. Each vine brings its own particularity, giving the wine more personality and complexity. SO2 is used in homeopathic doses, some cuvees see none at all, at any stage. 

“This family forces me to mix metaphors and pile on accolades. If one can say that salt was once the Jura’s white gold, these wonderful people and their wines are the salt of the earth in the Jura and pure gold too.” Wink Lorch