J.C Lapalu, M. Barret, D. Belluard - Blanc Sur Rouges, Vin de France


The idea of Vin de France BLANC SUR ROUGES came during a late night, when good pals JC Lapalu, Dominique Belluard (Savoie) and Matthieu Barret (Cornas) were enjoying good food and wine. They decided to make a cuvee, third each of their best grapes grown on their best terroir. Belluard brought in some Gringet (white Alpine grape, grown on Clay / Limestone); Barret some Syrah from Northern Rhone – Cornas to be precise (Grown on Granit) and Lapalu some of his loveliest Gamay from granitic site in Brouilly. Each Grower make the wine in their own cellar until it is time to assemble the 3 juices in Cornas, where it is left in a single vat for another couple of months before bottling.

The result is clearly defined, vibrant red wine. The minerality is reminiscent of a racy white wine, flowery, small wild red berries, peach in a lovely, velvety yet super fresh texture.


JEAN-CLAUDE LAPALU, Saint-Etienne-la-Varenne                 
Certified Organic, In Biodynamic conversion Natural


Jean-Claude Lapalu is of a generation that sits between Beaujolais natural wine pioneers Foillard, Chamonard, Lapierre, Thevenet .. and the new generation of young guns - Remi Dufaitre, Alex Foillard, Julien Metras.. 

He began his domaine in 1996, previously, his family had been grape growers selling to the cooperative. He made his first commercial wines in 2000. He owns 9 hectares of vines in Brouilly, most of which are old (60–80 years, some are much older), and which are farmed biodynamically, Jean-Claude spend most of his effort in the vineyards, which he knows inside out, and adapt vinification to each site. Jean-Claude only uses indigenous yeasts and doesn’t use any sulphur during vinification, there is only some added at the bottling and then only in very small quantities: 2gr/hl

 Grapes are hand-picked and sorted, loaded by conveyor to avoid damage, during the 8-10 day maceration a wooden grill is sometimes used to enhance gentle extraction. The wine stays at least a half year on its fine lees gaining power and complexity. These are truly remarkable expressions of Beaujolais.