Kumpf & Meyer, Pet Nat R - Riesling, Vin de France

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Kumpf & Meyer, Pet Nat R Riesling is a sparkling (ancestrale method) made from Riesling, with no added SO2. The nose is complex, dried flowers, candied orange, zesty hints. Broad and rich on the palate with a sense of slight sweetness, ripe orange, white apple and flowery aromas; the ending is dry and refreshing (think lemon sorbet).

DOMAINE KUMPF & MEYER, Julien Albertus, Rosheim Organic, Natural 

With about 16 hectares spread over more than 70 parcels of vines, the Domaine extends 15 kilometres from north to south passing through 5 communes. There are various "terroirs" in the different areas of Keeping the vines healthy is achieved whilst keeping the use of chemicals to a strict minimum. The domaine adheres to the charter "Tyflo" which is administered by Ecocert. Following these principles, the various summer tasks are performed successively during July and August: - de-budding, tying and training, removing excess bunches where necessary to promote the quality of the remaining grapes (vendange en vert), and thinning the leaves.