Kumpf & Meyer, Riesling Westerberg


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Riesling Westerberg is a superb wine. It expresses some floral notes and stone fruits on the nose The palate is energetic with a great minerality and touch of salinity.
Westerberg is a sublime terroir, with full southern exposure, fine clay and limestone near the village of Rosheim, the view from the vineyard is spectacular. No SO2 added - Neither fined nor filtered.

DOMAINE KUMPF & MEYER, Julien Albertus, Rosheim
Organic, Natural
With about 16 hectares spread over more than 70 parcels of vines, the Domaine extends 15 kilometres from north to south passing through 5 communes. The domaine was founded by Sophie Kumpf and Philippe Meyer in 1990, they have been working following organic principles from the beginning. 

In 2010, Philippe left the domaine, Julien Albertus arrived, bringing new energy and ideas. He implemented biodynamic methods in the vineyards, as a way to 'fully express the true potential of each terroir.' Julien has a soft and light hand approach in the cellar, rejecting the use of additives and hard manipulation, preferring gentle extraction. His wine are amongst the purest and most expressive that can be found in Alsace today.