Laurent Cazottes, Adèle Blanc - Vin de France


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Adèle blanc is 100% Mauzac rose, an indigenous grape from the Gaillac region. Mouth-filling texture, yet crisp and dry on the palate. Aromas of orchard fruits, blanched almond and nuts followed by acacia flowers with baked quince and pear and all lead to an intense finish. A real treat.

LAURENT CAZOTTES, Gaillac Organic, natural

Domaine Laurent Cazottes is located in Gaillac region of the Southwest, within the Tarn department in the commune of Villeneuve-sur-Vère. Husband and wife team, Laurent and Marina, are known for making exceptional, artisan eau de vie from various fruits they organically farm. They also make gorgeous wine from old vine Gaillac grape varieties: Mauzac, Braucol and Duras. Their wine, like their eau de vie, is certified organic and treated with great care.