No Control (Vincent Marie), Fusion


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No Control Fusion is named after a music style “which I very much like for its mixing of hip-hop and energetic rock. My favourite bands are Rage Against The Machine (of course), Faith No More, Suicidal Tendencies, Body Count. Regarding wine, it is also the fusion between the Gamay style from Auvergne and that prevalent in Beaujolais and between two types of vinification.” 

Located in Volvic on feldspathic sand, the Fusion vineyards are on south-facing slopes 420 m above sea level. Yields from the 15-110-year-old vines are naturally low, the grapes carefully harvested.

DOMAINE NO CONTROL, VINCENT MARIE, Auvergne – Biodynamic, natural

No Control consists of 5 hectares of vines in the Auvergne featuring the following grape varieties: Gamay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Sylvaner and Pinot Auxerrois which Vincent uses to make 5-7 cuvees.
No Control also has an impressively diverse range of terroirs born from recent and former volcanic activity. This gives the wines typical features and a specific mineral taste. Farming respects living organisms, vegetable matter, soil and health.

Since 2013, the vines have been in conversion to organic agriculture. Vincent’s work with Patrick Meyer allowed him to gain and understanding and experience of biodynamics. Each year the plots get the basic biodynamic preps including 500 (cow-horn manure) and 501 (horn silica). Vincent works one plot without mechanization, using animal traction, a horse, which further contributes to the microbial life in the soil.