Philippe Bornard, Trousseau 'Le Ginglet', Arbois-Pupillin


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Le Ginglet loosely translated means “easy to drink,” and the wine is precisely that; The nose offers floral notes along with red fruit, light on its feet, highly quaffable, and a perfect introduction (for those who haven’t had one) to the brilliant red wines of the Jura. Maceration of these Trousseau grapes takes place for three weeks in fibreglass. Once fermentation is finished the wine is transferred to large oak barrels to age for 12 months.

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DOMAINE PHILIPPE & TONY BORNARD, Arbois – Organic, Natural
Philippe Bornard lives at the top of the village of Pupillin and farms about seven hectares, which he inherited from his father. After years of selling grapes to the local cooperative, and with the urging of his good friend and Jurassic legend Pierre Overnoy, in 2005 Philippe made the move towards vinifying and bottling his own wines. He makes wines in same very natural vein: unfiltered, unfined and with no added Sulphur. The estate has now been handed over to Philippe’s son Tony Bornard.