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Tony Bornard Vivre d’amour et de plouplou (Ploussard)comes from Les Gaudrettes vineyard in the commune of Pupillin. An excellent wine made from grapes that were picked reasonably early (6th September). Tony wanted to make an easy-to-drink wine and he certainly succeeded. The body is light as you would expect from an early-picked Ploussard from Pupillin and the alcohol is correspondingly low at a mere 10.5%.

PHILIPPE & TONY BORNARD, Pupillin – Organic, Natural        

Philippe Bornard lives at the top of the village of Pupillin and farms about seven hectares, which he inherited from his father.

After years of selling grapes to the local cooperative, and with the urging of his good friend and Jurassic legend Pierre Overnoy, in 2005 Philippe made the move towards vinifying and bottling his own wines. He makes wines in same very natural vein: unfiltered, unfined and with no additives.

 Since December 2017, Philippe Bornard has retired and it is his son Tony Bornard who is now in charge after having bought the family estate and merged into his own vineyard. Today the total area is 11.2 hectares. He continues to manage the vineyard in biodynamics, with minimum intervention to obtain natural wines that are often sulfur-free, while giving rise to experiments that sometimes stray from traditional codes. His very unique labels are created by Charlène Bornard, illustrator and textile designer.