Yvon Métras, Beaujolais Première Mise shows intense fruity aromas (red fruit). At first the nose can seem subdued, the power unleashes after a brief aeration. On the palate it is light with silky tannins and deep flavours of red fruit. A fresh and delicious wine.
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YVON MÉTRAS, Fleurie - Organic, Natural
Yvon Métras produced his first vintage in 1988, from his family estate. He withdrew from the cooperative winery to join the gang of Jules Chauvet’s followers. Métras farms his 5.7-hectare vineyard the same way as that of the other Beaujolais greats (Lapierre, Foillard, Chanudet, Breton, Thevenet..): no chemicals, plowing, severe pruning, low yields and exceptional terroirs with iconic parcels like “Grille Midi” or “La Madonne”.
The perfectly ripe grapes are hand-picked and vinified with whole bunches before undergoing semi-carbonic maceration. An old press will do the rest of the job with great respect for the grapes, the pulp and the juice.
Métras is now widely seen as one of the very top producers in the region, if not the top; his wines, like the ones of Pierre Overnoy, Kenjiro Kagami or Claude Courtois are rare treats and are much sought after, they never fail to display authenticity, precision and vigour.