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Artisan Wine Tasting (Trade and Press)

We are delighted to announce the details of our forthcoming Portfolio tastings (Trade and Wine Press)

The 2 tastings will take place in Dublin and Cork on 12th and 14th April respectively. We are thrilled to be bringing our ‘show’ to Cork for the first time this year, we are huge fans of the incredible diversity of the food scene there and we’re delighted of the interest the Southern Counties are showing to our wines,

We will showcase about 80 wines on both dates, focusing on organic, biodynamic and natural wines (April is Real Wine Month!) and we are thrilled that 11 growers will be present at the tastings:

The estates represented will be: Chateau Turcaud (Bordeaux); Maison Ambroise (Burgundy); Bodegas Menade (Rueda); Wiston’s Estate (UK Sparkling); Guy Allion (Loire); Cockagee Cider (Slane); Tour des Gendres (Bergerac); Beauregard-Mirouze (Corbieres); Clos de Caveau (Rhone); Taylor’s & Fonseca Ports; Highbank Orchards Gin & Liqueur


Drury Buildings

Le Caveau Artisan Wine Tasting

 Trade and Press

Tuesday 12th April, 10.00 to 5.30

Drury Buildings

2nd Floor

Drury Street

Dublin 2


contact/enquiry: orders@lecaveau.ie



Le Caveau Artisan Wine Tasting

Trade and Press

Thursday 14th April, 10.00 to 5.30

L’Atitude 51

1, Union Quay



contact/enquiry: orders@lecaveau.ie

See you there!


Portfolio Tasting 2015, Trade and Press

Le Caveau
Le Caveau
Annual Portfolio Tasting


Tuesday, 10th February 2015
10 am – 5 pm
There has been a great response from our growers

and we look forward to welcoming the following:


Paola Oberto (Ciabot Berton, La Morra, Barolo)
Caroline Pobitzer (Az. Ag. Pian dell’Orino, Montalcino)
Alessandra (Az. Coop. Valli Unite)
Alejandra Sanz (Bodegas Menade, Rueda)

Dermot Sugrue (Wiston Estate, Surrey)
Yves Cuilleron (Cave Yves Cuilleron, Chavannay, Northern Rhône)
Stéphane le May (Chateau Turcaud, La Sauve-Majeure, Bordeaux)

Catherine Bertrand (Chateau Carteau Cote Daugay, St-Emilion)
Ludivine Ambroise (Maison Ambroise, Premeaux-Prissey, Nuits Saint Georges)
Frédéric Buisson (Domaine H&G Buisson, St. Romain)
Laure Meffre (Domaine le Clos du Caveau, Vacqueyras)
Thibaut Chaume (Domaine Chaume-Arnaud, Vinsobres)
Nicolas and Karine Mirouze (Beauregard-Mirouze, Bizanet, Narbonne)
Félix Meyer (Domaine Meyer-Fonné, Katzenthal, Alsace)
Many of the growers are in Dublin on Monday 9th as well as Tuesday 10th, so if you would like to arrange a meeting with any of them, do let us know and we will facilitate.
We hope you can make it on the day and if you need any further information,

please contact us at orders@lecaveau.ie