3 Awards to ring in the New Year

What a start of the New Year, We were delighted to receive a very touching accolade from John and Sally McKenna on New Year's Eve: 'Wine Person of the Year' in their Megabytes Yearly Awards: Wine person of the Year - Pascal Rossignol Ten years ago, when Pascal Rossignol first began to introduce natural wines, via his shop and wine company Le Caveau, people scoffed. No one’s scoffing now. Thanks to the patient advocacy of Mr Rossignol and his partner, Colm McCan, we are well on the way to creating a wine world where natural is normal, and where industrialised wines are seen as the over-chemicalised concoctions that they are. The Le Caveau wines are superb, and there is no better advocate for the cause than Pascal. lecaveau.ie http://www.guides.ie/megabites/wine-person-pub-and-drink-year   Then, on New Year's day, Tomas Clancy published his Sunday Business Post Wine Awards, in which we retained our 'Fine Wine Merchants Nationwide of the Year' as well as 'Burgundy Specialist of the Year' 'Meanwhile fending off the annual competition from powerhouse Greenacres in Wexford, the other regular winner of the national award is Pascal Rossignol of Le Caveau, now ably abetted by Colm McCan and the rest of Le Caveau Crew. Here the hugely strong base of French wines is now joined by the very best of the cutting edge natural and orange wine world. Le Caveau's influence as a wine shop and as an importer continues to be profoundly influential on the Irish Market and open-hearted wine consumers.' Tomas Clancy, Sunday Business Post Wine Awards


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Happy New Year 2017 to all our Customers and Friends from a very happy crew at Le Caveau!

Pascal Rossignol

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