Set up in the Summer of 1999, Le Caveau specialises in importing artisan wines, sourced directly from small, family-operated vineyards from around the World. 

The wines we love and promote truly reflect their region of origin and their terroir, they deliver the right balance of purity, natural freshness and drinkability (and dare we say, digestibility!) To achieve this, winegrowers cannot cut corners, they adopt sustainable work ethic in the vineyard and ‘light hand’ approach in the winery. 

What started in 1999 with a list sourced from small-scale artisan vignerons, took a turn in 2007 when we discovered the World of natural wine, thanks to Eric Narioo of Les Caves de Pyrene, pioneer importer in the UK. We tasted, travelled, met with vignerons working the natural way and by 2008, we were able to introduce the first flight of natural wines on Irish soil.

While a couple of Irish importers were already well established importing Organic/Biodynamic wines (the wonderful Mary Pawle wines springs to mind), that first flight of natural wines demanded a bit more comprehension and acceptance from our audience.

Sales and visibility grew very, very slowly, but we believed firmly in the merit and beauty of these wines and the people / community behind them, this gave us the confidence and time to assemble the most formidable list of natural wines.

Today, the landscape in Ireland has changed dramatically, and for the better, natural wines are widely accepted by the public, indie importers are flourishing, restaurants / wine bars lists and wine shops are packed with exciting wines.

On our end, we distribute the wines from 105 (and growing!) of the most respected natural winegrowers, a mix of super-long established, mentors and new on the scene; all of them making delicious, sincere and exciting wines, the kind we want to drink (lots of).

Not all the wines on our website are classed as natural, but all are artisan to the core, pure and honest; we proudly stand over them.

Our wines are available to private customers through this secure website 

We also supply leading restaurants and wine shops across Ireland via our Wholesale Department.

We hope you get great pleasure in drinking these wines,