Bridgestone Guides Megabytes November 2012

John and Sally McKenna pick and recommend a pair of wines from our imports. Wine: A Right Pair Vincent Girardin Bourgogne Saint Vincent AC 2010 (€18.95) Lush white Burgundy that drinks like a million dollars and sells for under twenty euro? Impossible, right? Believe it or not, but the great Vincent Girardin’s Bourgogne AC comes in neatly under €20 and for that it offers the most voluptuous mouthfeel, with notes of minerals and straw rather than fruits and butter on the palate. It’s a glory, and the second glass brings vanilla and strawberry. This wine is full of life, and bestows that gift on the drinker: one sip, and you feel more alive. Gianpaola Paglia Morellino di Scansano Bellamarsilia (€13.85) Paglia’s Bellamarsilia offers a bright garnet colour and a great nose with stone fruits, damsons and leather. In the mouth it’s completely alert – what photographers would call “smart-sharpened”. This is a red wine that turns up the attributes of the vineyard and amplifies what is in the wine, rather than making it up in the cellar. Lovely modern Italian winemaking. (The Right Pair from Le Caveau, Kilkenny, John McKenna 06/11/2012
Pascal Rossignol

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