Burgundy once more...

Burgundy and rugby sept 2007 067Burgundy again... Is it an excuse to visit home as often as I can or is it because lots is happening in Burgundy? A bit of both I think. The fact is that we have visited Burgundy 5 times over the last 24 months. This time, our four day trip brought us to Laurent Parize (Givry), Louis Boillot, Ghislaine Barthod, Vincent Girardin, Olivier Leflaive, Hubert Chauvenet and Bruno Clair (what a line up of addresses!). On the last day, we visited Michel Couvreur in Bouze les Beaune to sample his magnificent whiskies. Surprising to hear that Burgundy also produce top whiskies. In fact, the carefully chosen distillate and the water are imported from Scotland and the barrels come from the best producers of Sherry in Andalousia. Burgundy happens to be half-way. Michel Couvreur, 80 years of age, enthusiastic and deeply knowledgeable clashroyaleboom.com was a great host. His cellar, 140 metres of galleries dug under the limestone mountain is quite impressive and the whiskies were an absolute revelation. A labour of of love started some 35 years ago.

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