Celbrating 10 Years In Business

It has been quite a journey. In October 1999, we opened the door of our shop on the Market Yard for the first time. Our idea was to source honest, authentic wines from the four corners of France; wines that would offer very good value and outstanding quality. In the process of sourcing these wines we met some truly extraordinary and dedicated winegrowers who would, with time become our friends. As we went on, the quality of these wines also interested fine restaurants and other specialist wine shops around Ireland, so our business grew a second arm, and we started supplying the trade. In the same time, our shop and website became busier, and for this, we are grateful to you, our customers for your kind support. Today, as we are preparing for our 10th Christmas season, we feel as enthusiastic as the first day. We are now working directly with over 55 amazing winegrowers, mainly in France but also in Italy and Spain and we are planning to extend our offer even more in 2009 with additions from off-the-beaten track regions of France, Italy and the New World. Once the wines are true to their origins and taste amazing, they will make it to our list! Once again, we wish to thank you all for your support over the last 10 years and we are looking forward to discovering and bringing more brilliant wines for many more years. Pascal, Geraldine and the team
Pascal Rossignol

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