Harvest in Burgundy, less quantity but great quality

The 2009 grape harvest in Burgundy: a limited quantity of greater quality 2009 marks the return of the seasons. After a good year of weather, characterised by a pleasant spring which followed a long, cold and snowy winter, the summer, which made its return, has favoured optimum growth and maturation of the vine and its grapes. A few days before the harvest, the wine growers are enthusiastic and in a permanently good mood. The hot and sunny spell in the first half of April provided fast and consistent budding across Burgundy with dates conforming to the average of the last 15 years, and more particularly close to those of 2005. Blossoming then took place in two steps. As the average temperatures at the end of May exceeded the seasonal averages, blossoming began on the earliest plots. The cooler weather which arrived during the first ten days of June slowed down the blossoming of the later plots, particularly in the Yonne. This interval was then maintained at the different stages of development of the vine and the grapes. The heat wave which set in around 10 August caused ripening and set off fast maturing. The Burgundy Wine Board therefore began its maturity checks on 13 August. Since then, thanks to optimum climatic conditions (sun and heat), maturing is following a very sustained pace leading to concentration within the grapes. In fact, each week, the potential degree of alcohol is increasing by over one point, reaching levels close to those observed in mid-September 2008. Tasting the grapes has already shown a most promising balance of sugar and acidity. The vineyard is in perfect health. If this excellent weather continues, the harvests will begin between 5 and 10 September for the early sectors. The plots intended for production of Crémant de Bourgogne will be harvested in the coming days. 2009 is set to be a high-quality vintage: fruity, concentrated, balanced and powerful - in a word, magnificent. This promising vintage is the fruit of a combination of ideal climatic conditions and controlled volumes. The harvest volume is estimated at 1.4 million hectolitres, i.e. 10 % less than in 2008. All this gives further strength to the Burgundy legend that years ending in 9 produce great vintages. source: BIVB
Pascal Rossignol

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