Domaine Labet, Jura

Inspiring Labet..

Some Jura winegrowers are producing such phenomenal wines, in such tiny quantities that they tend to capture the imagination. The Labet family in Rotalier (same village as Jean-Francois Ganevat!) are a good example. We were really excited to have secured our first allocation for Ireland late last year, after more than 4 years on their 'waiting list'. 

Luke Byrne, a customer and friend of ours, who works with the wonderful Green Man Wines in Terenure, got his hands on a few bottles. This is the resulting Instagram post:

'Julius Caesar the Roman geezer, squashed his wife with a lemon squeezer.

Great to see Labet over here, always a treat to drink, like huffing gas and licking batteries.

. Les Varrons - Effortless. Weightless Watermelons held down by a thick lactic pear casing and a charred confectionery peach core.

. Metis - A wild wine, reigned in by some leather straps. A cowboy rides this wine, hes covered in shit and he smokes Pall Mall but boy does he look good. Larry Lambic.

. Lias - Blend up some apple pie and chase it with some Greek yogurt. Eat nettles and stay focused. The longer it's open the more focused it becomes. Bottle dipped in toffee wax and covered in sour orange peel, I'm enveloped in autumn fruits. I'm slipping on hot wet stones.

Like a shooting star these wines came and left. I'm not one to hold onto anything so I drank them all in quick succession, I regret nothing. They would have aged beautifully.' 


Luke Byrne - @luekbrungis





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