Tomas Clancy recommends Riesling Grand Cru 'Wineck-Schlossberg' Meyer-Fonne

Domaine Meyer-Fonne, Riesling Grand Cru Wineck-Schlossberg 2008 - €29.99 from Le Caveau, Market Yard, Kilkenny, - The Corkscrew, Chatham Street, Dublin 2; (92 points) This Alsace estate consistently over-delivers in quality for the price. The Meyer-Fonne Pinot Blanc and Riesling cuvees offer an opportunity to sample alomst every aspects of Alsace`s complex terroir, for under €20. However, there is a final piece of the jigsaw; the top flight wines from Meyer-Fonne which include Grand Cru vineyards. These wines have two phases, an initial glamourous period when they offer the best aspects of the easier drinking, cheaper wines. So why not go for the cheaper wines? Well, because of the second phase. Four years on, when the everyday offerings are fading, the Grand Cru nature of the Wineck-Schlossberg vineyard takes over. The crumbly, granite-dominated soils shine through. The wine exhibits acacia honey, baked apple and petroleum notes over a solky smooth wash underpinned by tremendous minerality. An epic story, just getting started. Tomas Clancy, The Sunday Business Post Magazine. 28th October 2012 sbp28Oct12
Pascal Rossignol

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