Vins de Copains, Natural wine tasting, Poster based on Michel Tolmer

Vins de Copains

Vins de Copains

The idea was simple, showcasing the friendship that exists in the natural wine community by sharing few glasses and stories with the public and trade.

3 indie wine importers, specialising in natural wines, joined and showcased 12 bottles each, in 3 cracking venues, 3 cities. Trade and public mingled together, these events have been, to say the least, memorable!

The cities: Dublin, Cork and Galway

The venues: Note wine bar and bistro, Dublin - L'Atitude 51, Cork - The Universal, Galway

The importers: Veraison, Brian's wines, Le Caveau 

The wines, to name but a few, and in no particular order, came from some of the mightiest vignerons out there: Anders F. Steen, Vignes du Paradis, Clos Tue Boeuf, Vignes du Mayne, La Sorga, JF Ganevat, JM Seleque, Leo Dirringer, Dard et Ribo etc.. the list goes on.. you get the drift.. none of us held back.

Each events filled to capacity, the atmosphere was electric, the venues pulling all the stops to make us and the public welcome. The nights after went on and on, you simply live for moments like these. If anyone had any doubt, the natural wine scene in Ireland is booming, and it's only going to get bigger.

Catch a bit of the vibe at the Cork tasting in L'Atitude in this short video - many thanks to Barbora Gajdosova for capturing it so well!

(video coming soon, once I figure out how to upload it!) in the meantime view it on instagram here )

Thank you to all involved in Vins de Copains, and thank you to everyone who came to share the wines with us.

See you all very soon, we will do it again!

 Pascal, Brian and David

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