Gigondas ‘Champ Vermeil’ comes from a .5-ha parcel planted on sandy / limestone soil Henri purchased in 2016. The parcel is a stone throw away from the farm. The wine 70% Grenache with Syrah, spent 15 months in 20-hl wooden vat and a further 12 in bottle before release. Very pure, fresh and focused – black berry, fruit of the forest, licorice very lively and articulate, the palate has wonderful ripe fruit, mint and hints of eucalyptus wrapped in graphite and a minerals ; on the lighter side of Gigondas, with exceptional drinkability.

CLOS DE CAVEAU, Vacqueyras

Certified Organic, Natural                             

Henri is the second generation of the Bungener family to own and work Le Clos de Caveau, an exceptional estate, surrounded by forest and made up of a single 14-ha parcel on the side of the Dentelles de Montmirail.

 The estate was purchased by Henri’s father Gérard, from the late Steven Spurrier in 1976. Gérard decided to farm and produce wine organically “It was quite a different time in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s when my father decided to go organic, says Henri, there were no organic vineyards in Vacqueyras or neighbouring Gigondas in those days.”

“What my father was doing was ‘hush-hush’ and he told us not to tell the clients” says Henri. It would not be until 1985 that “organic certification” would be introduced in France. In 1989, Le Clos de Caveau was certified organic and, since organic viticulture was no longer “hush-hush,” added the tiny green and white ‘AB’ logo on the labels of their wines

 On the slopes of Montmirail, the bedrock is vertically stratified which allows roots to penetrate deeply into the limestone mother-rock. The altitude is 650 m, which is also higher than any other vines in the appellation and the estate is surrounded by pristine forest which is key to preserving biodiversity and thus facilitating organic farming and indigenous yeast ferments..  At this altitude and perfect sun exposure, the Syrah and Grenache vines produce suave, opulent wine with good natural freshness. Most of the work in the vineyard is carried out by hand and the yields are very small.