Angiolino Maule, La Biancara, Pico

Pico, a skin contact wine, produced with Garganega grapes only, carefully selected in the highest hills of Gambellara. 12 months aging and bottled without filtration and sulphites. Pico is the ideal expression of the volcanic hills that surrounds La Biancara estate. Beautiful copper colour from skin contact, with vibrant acidity and texture with hints of honeysuckle and thyme


Angiolino Maule is one of the founding figures of natural farming and wine-making in Italy. He has been setting an example in both practices since the late 1980’s and is now assisted by his two sons, Francesco and Alessandro.

Their estate is located in the hills of Gambellara between Verona and Vicenza where they have 9 hectares of vines on south-facing volcanic soil slopes. The health of the vineyard is maintained by mowing the grass between the vines, using only naturally produced plant compost (which they make on the property), controlling diseases through the use of herbal teas and other natural products, and bringing back the natural balance to the soil by means of sowing cereals or legumes (oats, field beans, etc.)

In the cellar the non-interventionist approach involves eliminating any artificial products such as selected yeasts, enzymes, etc. They use only natural yeasts, do not filter or fine the wine, and add only a very small amount of sulphur dioxide to the wines just before bottling. For some of the wines, sulphur dioxide has been eliminated completely. These wines are about as pure as they get. Not surprisingly, they taste just like delicious grape juice.

«We are not against organic or biodynamic, but we simply think these practices are not the arrival point but the starting point for those who want to produce natural wine» Angiolino Maule‘What force of nature brought Angiolino Maule to the vines? On meeting him, you would swear he was born to it, that he breathes it, that the vineyard is deeply a part of his soul. A man of true conviction in viticulture and viniculture, Angiolino actually started his working life as a pizzaiolo, or pizza maker, of some renown in Italy. But the earth and the vines were calling him all the while. Through his hard work and sterling reputation, Angiolino was able to save enough money to start his winery. He chose Gambellara and, principally, the Garganega grape to make his magical music in a glass.’  Louis Dressner