Bas-Armagnac, Grands Assemblages 8 year-old, Francis Darroze


DARROZE Grands Assemblages 8 years old: Marc Darroze has created this new range, using his huge family stocks of hand selected Bas Armagnacs, with vintages dating back over 100 years. This blend with very little wood influence, displays a predominance of fruity aromas, along with a variety of other flavours, including prunes, candied orange zest and quince to name but a few. A straight armagnac that is highly strung but nevertheless, smooth and enveloping. You can drink this armagnac either as an aperitif or a digestif.


Marc Darroze has been described as the Pope of Bas Armagnacs and is widely recognised as the top producer in the region.

Darroze owns no vineyard, instead works with small growers ageing the spirits in his own cellars. The end product is totally authentic, each bottle is hand drawn and bottled from its original aging cask. Marc refuses to blend casks from the same Domaine or same vintage feeling that this would diminish each cask’s individual charm and integrity. Darroze also refuses to add water to his brandies (a common and legitimate practice in both Armagnac and Cognac). Each cask is carefully monitored and tasted regularly to adequately judge its maturation and evolution.