MEYER-FONNE, Alsace PINOT GRIS, Hinterburg de Katzenthal (Late Harvest)


This late harvested wine of remarkable richness is exceptionally concentrated. Dried fruit, smoke and grilled almond on the nose, the structure is massive and superbly balanced by a mineral and clean acidity. Delicious now and will age very well.

The vineyards of Hinterburg are planted on accidented, terrassed and perfectly exposed slopes, thus producing very low yields indeed and wines of great concentration.

Within few years, Felix Meyer has built a solid reputation in Alsace. Working extremely hard in the vineyard, keeping yields ridiculously low, the immense quality of the granitic soils of Katzenthal is reflected in every single of Felix wines. No other grower in the area produces wines with such precision, purity and expression of terroir.

Vinification takes place in traditional large “foudres”, on fine lees similarly to Leonard and Olivier Humbrecht with whom Felix worked for several years before returning to his 11-ha family estate.

“Felix Meyer is one of the more ambitious and successful young vignerons of Alsace. Furthermore, his prices are very reasonable.” Wine Advocate

“When word got around Alsace that I was no longer importing Zind-Humbrecht’s wines, samples started pouring in from other domaines. Maybe I was a little spoiled by the quality of Humbrecht’s selections, and by André Ostertag’s, too, because I found myself rejecting a lot of above-average wines. Second best was not what I was waiting for.
Then, one day at my place in the south of France, in the company of Domaine Tempier’s Daniel Ravier, I was tasting through an assortment of samples from all over the country. We lowered our noses into glasses of a Pinot Blanc. Hmm,
old vines, who’s that? Meyer-Fon ... We looked up at each other, eyes widening.
HEY, that smells great. Wow, the stuff wine dreams are made of. We continued through the domaine’s samples with huge smiles and oohs and aahs, enjoying that rare thrill of recognition that you experience when you discover something crucial in your glass.
Not long after that, there I was in Katzenthal near Ammerschwihr, tasting with Monsieur Meyer: impeccable vini-
fication, purity of expression, depths of interest, a strong sense of terroir, stylishness, class, and pure hedonistic pleasure, too. Grosse tête is French for egotistical, blinded by self-importance, conceited. Félix Meyer is the opposite of a grosse tête. He still has humility, still has a sense of wonder, and is still capable of self-criticism. He is a seeker and a perfec-
tionist. Quantities are limited because while he makes several different cuvées, the domaine has only eleven hectares of vines. He is a terroirist, and when he speaks of a granitic soil, the wine in your glass tastes of it.”
Kermit Lynch, US importer