Igavi Wines (Aidan Raftery), Aladasturi - Imereti, Georgia


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The grapes for Aladasturi come from a 45-50 year old vineyard in Imereti that is flecked with limestone and planted on Talaveri (Pergola). The wine is made very gently with a whole berry fermentation on skins for 7 days in tank. Bottled pure, with nothing added or taken away. At 9% ABV, super light red colour, it is crunchy, fresh and juicy, with hints of spice, reminiscent of the best Loire Pineau d’Aunis.

Organic, natural
Igavi wines was established by an Englishman, Aidan Raftery, who came to Georgia via New Zealand and Melbourne. Prior to his move to Western Georgia, Aidan spent 18 years as a sommelier and restaurateur.
Aidan makes wine from vineyard sites that he prospects in Imereti and Lechkhumi, and from his own vineyard, planted in 1954. The name of his winery was inspired by a Georgian folk story that he came across when he first visited Georgia.

The winery is based in the village of Zeindari in the Imereti region, where he has plantings of Tsolikouri, Tsikska and Vanis Chkhaveri. In the style of the region the grapes are mostly destemmed before fermentation and with less skin contact than in other regions.