La Boussole Pinot Noir 'Les Grandes Côtes' Pays d'Oc


'A fruity Pinot Noir served very slightly chilled is just the thing to enjoy with dinner on a summer evening. As France celebrates Bastille Day it seems only right and proper that this weekend’s recommendation should come from the home country of Pinot Noir – although, with cracking value in mind, I’ve picked a bottle from the south of France rather than Pinot’s pricier home turf, Burgundy.
You may be thinking south of France, endless sunshine, ultra-ripe grapes, jammy flavours… Until this wine first crossed my lips I had the same suspicions. But I’m happy to say they’re unfounded. Alongside wonderfully pure notes of strawberries and violets, La Boussole delivers mouthwatering freshness. There’s nothing remotely over-sweet or jammy about it. That’s because the grapes that go into it are grown in some of the Languedoc’s coolest vineyards up in the hills around Limoux.
I like the fact that there’s a hint of smoke about it which would make it an excellent partner for grilled foods of many kinds. I like its smooth texture. I like the gentle but persistent grip of fine tannin in the finish that makes it palate-cleansing. I like the alcohol level, a very manageable 12.5% – a figure once commonplace for reds but now relatively rare. And I like the price. Full marks to well-known winemaker Claude Serra for putting all these elements together with élan.
Slip a bottle of Boussole into the fridge half an hour before you eat. Tuna, chicken, high-class sausages, even a bowl of lentils with smoky bacon will taste all the better for its company.'
Alcohol: 12.5% - Mary Dowey, The Gloss Magazine

SO Vignerons, Daniel Orsolini, Claude Serra, les Domaines de Virginie
So Vignerons is a small “negoce” structure, producing typical quality Languedoc wines. The company was founded by Daniel Orsolini and Claude Serra in 2005.
The Philosophy behind So Vignerons is to produce high quality, modern style of Languedoc wines at very affordable prices. This has been made possible by the long term contracts the team has signed with local growers, having Claude as the winemaker/consultant to all the growers and finally by using a state of the art bottling line. 
Claude Serra, winemaker consultant, also professor at Montpellier University of Oenology is managing the viticulture and winemaking.
All the wines are vinified by Claude and come from vineyards located on specially selected “terroirs” producing characteristic varietals from this region.