Case, Sipping in the Garden (Updated! 12 bottles)

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Sipping in the Garden Case 

12 x bottles -  Free delivery in the Republic of Ireland - Save 10%

The days have finally stretched, and the weather is warmer, with a bit of luck, we will enjoy a good few sunny days in the coming weeks. Time to reach for lighter and fresher wines!

The case below consists of a selection of wines - red, rosé and white, sparkling, Poiré and Cider. They are pure, refreshing, made naturally by artisan growers, to have with or without food, all absolutely ideal for outdoor sipping.

Just a note on the Poiré and Cider included in this box, they are much more than the average fermented apple or pear drinks mostly seen today. They have fine sparkling wine-like quality, oozing with character, depth and complexity. They are must-try.


12 x bottles -  Free delivery in the Republic of Ireland - Save 10%

1 x Poiré Authentique, Éric Bordelet (Perry, Natural 75cl)

1 x Sydre Argelette, Éric Bordelet (Cider, Natural 75cl)

1 x Garg'n'Go, Angiolino Maule (Sparkling, Organic, Natural 75cl)

1 x Puglia Rosato 'Comtessa Staffa', Antica Enotria (Rosé, Organic 75cl)

2 x Vincenzo Bianco, Fattoria di Vaira (White, Light skin contact, Organic, Natural 75cl) 

2 x Alsace Riesling, Domaine de l'Achillée (White, Biodynamic, Natural, 75cl)

2 x Gamay Vin de France, Hervé Villemade (Light Red, Organic, Natural, 75cl)

2 x Disobbediente, Monte dall'Ora (Light Red, Organic, Natural, 100cl)