Terras Gauda ABADIA DE SAN CAMPIO Albarino


Abadia de San Campio Albarino is such a lovely white, its nose is filled with white fruit, grapefruit and citrus flavours. No sign of oak, the wine is therefore as pure and bright as a whistle with mandarin, exotic fruit, pineapple, minerals and sea scents joining in on the palate. Served with tuna steaks, it works brilliantly. Ideal with seafood, shellfish (Percebes!), fish... or almost anything coming out of the Atlantic.

Located in the O Rosal valley, in Galicia, Terras Gauda is notable for owning around 85% of its own vineyards; the remainder of the grapes are provided under strict quality control agreements with local growers. Having this control allows the estate to pick later and more selectively (and over a greater period of time) than most others ensuring greater maturity and higher sugar levels in the grapes. The sheltered aspect of the vineyards surrounded by forest, the proximity to the Mino and to the sea, also promotes ripening. The result is that Terras Gauda is one of the few
wineries that does not need to do a malolactic on any of their wines, which is why they taste so exceptionally fresh and bright.