Meyer-Fonne, Alsace Riesling 'Vignoble de Katzenthal'


Riesling Katzenthal is fermented dry and is grown on the granitic slopes surrounding the village. It is a very distinguished and racy wine. Pure, mineral nose with hints of pineapple and ginger. Rich, ample and ripe on the palate with nectarine, orange peel and peachy character the lead to the finish is pristine and impeccably balanced by a penetrating but harmonious acidity.

‘At 100 years old, Meyer Fonné is an infant in Alsace terms where, after 400 years of ownership you are regarded as still getting to grips with the region. While Burgundian winemakers may be seen as picky about understanding their terroir, Alsace winemakers are close to mania. Thus Alsace winemakers are at the forefront of many natural, biodynamic and lutte raisonée approaches to wine. One of Alsace`s finest estates, Meyer-Fonne is a hand-crafted, meticulously organic, natural yeast ferment hotbed. The results on their own should provide converts. This is a strenuously organic; gloriously dense, complex Riesling.There is incredible minerality, then touches of nut, a hint of lime and licorice, then a floral waft, before diving into the flicker of paraffin. All this in a three-year-old wine, meaning the 2006 is now on fire. Another two or three years and we can hope to see a similarly triumphant evolution.’
Tomas Clancy, Sunday Business Post, February 2012

MEYER-FONNÉ, Katzenthal
Within few years, Félix Meyer has built a solid reputation in Alsace. Working extremely hard in the vineyard, keeping yields ridiculously low, the immense potential of the granitic soils of Katzenthal is reflected in every single of Félix wines. No other grower in this part of Alsace produces wines with such precision, depth, purity and expression of terroir.
Vinification takes place in traditional large “foudres”, on fine lees similarly to Leonard and Olivier Humbrecht with whom Félix worked for several years before returning to his 12-ha family estate in 1992.

“Félix Meyer is one of the more ambitious and successful young vignerons of Alsace. Furthermore, his prices are very reasonable.” Wine Advocate

“ ... Félix Meyer still has humility, still has a sense of wonder, and is still capable of self-criticism. He is a seeker and a perfectionist. Quantities are limited because while he makes several different cuvées, the domaine has only eleven hectares of vines. He is a terroirist, and when he speaks of a granitic soil, the wine in your glass tastes of it.”
Kermit Lynch, US importer