Partida Creus CX


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CX Cartoixa Vermell the local name for the obscure grape Red Xarel-lo is vinified as a white wine but turns pink from the red skins, Antonella and Massimo are not calling it rosé - wholly delicious, very dry and balanced food-friendly wine, cloudy and unfiltered with notes of orange peel, cinnamon, saline and wild strawberry.

PARTIDA CREUS, Antonella Gerosa and Massimo Marchiori Organic, natural
We have had our eyes firmly set for a few years on this brilliant producer. Partida Creus (named after the crosses used to seperate plots of land) produce a very limited quantity of high-end very original wines made with organically grown grapes.

The initiative was started in 2007 by a couple of Italian architects from the Piedmont region, Antonella Gerosa and Massimo Marchiori, who, seeking a complete reversal in their lives, relocated to the quiet village of Bonastre.

There they refurbished an old agricultural building, converting it into a cellar, a project carried out with recycled materials and solid structures. They purchased and rented vineyards, in most cases, these were close to abandon.

Whenever they could find a new vineyard, they’d go to the nearby town, find out who the owner was and approached them to buy or at least farm the vineyard. Locals were amazed, as vines were often very old, low yielding and in most cases, obsolete grape varietals. Some had been disqualified from D.O. for lack of colour, as was the case with Sumoll, others were never even accepted.

Members and producers of Slow Food, since 2004 they have been engaged in the recovery and preservation of Bonastre’s viniculture heritage in the Baix Penedès region. Tasks in the vineyard are shared with Orazio and Vincenza, a donkey and a mare that help them practice a traditional environmentally friendly philosophy.