1701 Sullerba


Sullerba is Chardonnay Classic method. First fermentation is done in amphora on native yeast. Second fermentation in bottle using as re-starter must of the same grapes. Wine is not disgorged and unfiltered. The nose has hints of pineapple and white pepper, thyme and rosemary. Zesty with bright acidity and fine bubbles.

On the top of Santa Giulia hill, beside the Cluniac church of the same name, the glorious eighteenth century villa Palazzo Cazzago is home to 1701 winery. The villa is part of ancient land belonging to the noble families Bettoni and Cazzago. The land includes approximately 15 hectares of hillside in Cazzago San Martino, Franciacorta.

The name 1701 was chosen to recall the first vinification at the estate, at the time it consisted of 4 hectare of vineyard, enclosed in 11th century walls.

Today 1701 Franciacorta is a 10 ha biodynamic certified estate, the first and only certified biodynamic producer in the Franciacorta region. Members of Renaissance des Appellations, 1701 follow biodynamic farming methods - an approach which excludes any chemical intervention. It is ultimately a philosophy of life, about working closely with the vine, understanding and respecting its life cycle until the point when bottled it can fully express its vitality and character and above all the authenticity of its terroir.