Eclat d'Oc Merlot, Val des Pins


Eclat d'Oc Merlot has a powerful and surprisingly intense nose of plum, stewed black fruit and cherry. Intensely flavoured with ripe fruit, plum and some spicy, vegetal notes. Well structured, with soft tannins and toothsome freshness, it is an amazing wine for the price.



Free Collective - 'This is the story of cooperation, so it is a story of men, and naturally a history in motion. Here even more than elsewhere, without weight or chains, it is a free collective, free as ​​the air that blows in the pines. It does not carry the past as a constraint, nor the future as an anxiety, it is simply a field of opportunities.'

Val des Pins is a great source of reliable, well-made and honest southern wines. Medium-sized coop, founded in 1981, located in the Hérault with vineyards holdings stretching over sun-drenched hillsides and running from the Cévennes Mountains foot- hills to slopes overlooking the Mediterranean.

The cooperative principles are based on delivering quality wines while respecting traditions, nature and the environment. The wines are extremely well-made and show unexpected intensity and purity of fruit. Perfectly digestible and balanced by bright freshness, their quality-price ratio is simply unbeatable.