Chateau Montus 'La Tyre' 2000, Madiran - Alain Brumont

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Chateau Montus La Tyre is a high-sited, 10-ha parcel, covered with large rolled pebbles on very steep slopes. The wine, 100% Tannat fermented and matured in 100% new oak is made from a rigorous selection involving about 6 different passages in the vineyards, prior to the harvest. It is rich and full-bodied with alluring aromas of coffee and cigar box notes. Lots of flavours, dominated by dark plum, dark cherry and bitter-sweet chocolate, with mocha, spice and chewy tannins oozing from its long finish.


ALAIN BRUMONT (Châteaux Montus & Bouscasse), Maumusson

Without doubt, the leading estate in Madiran for the last 35 years, owner, Alain Brumont has done an enormous amount of work for the appellation. He set the example by reducing yields, increasing significantly the density of vines per hectare, using only the best available grafts, bud’s selection, adapting grape varieties to the best suited terroir, harvesting perfectly ripe grapes and oak-ageing most of his wine.

 The estate is comprised of 3 main types of terroirs: Montus, with its steep rocky slopes, facing south, bathed in intense sunshine, with large pebbles and yellow and red clay subsoil; Bouscassé with its fine clay with yellow and white streaks, covering over cracked limestone. Sandstone terroirs line the edges with an iron oxide and manganese concretion, producing more subtle wines; Gascogne is a relatively new terroir, arguably discovered by Alain Brumont who has been experimenting on it for the past 10 years.

Situated in Haut Armagnac, this terroir named « Peyrusquet » consists of grey clay and crumbled limestone. The layers of cracked clay a few centimetres deep, nevertheless perfect up to 1 to 2 metres in depth cover limestone cliffs. This terroir is often compared to the Bordeaux right bank and the Gros Manseng and Sauvignon vines produce fresh and bright wines.