Les Chemins de L' Arkose, Gamay Clos Parcellaire - Auvergne


 Les Chemins de l' Arkose Clos Parcellaire hails from a plot of old Gamay with some Pinot Noir planted on calcareous soil with basaltic debris. This red has a touch more body than the others but is still marked by mountain freshness, and its purity is down to excellent work in the vines and sympathetic low-intervention winemaking.


Biodynamic - Certified Demeter, Natural
Les Chemins de l’Arkose domaine is located in the heart of Montpeyroux in the Auvergne region. Yvan Bernard and Audrey Baldassin cultivate 8-hectares of vines on the various beautiful terroirs of Puy-de-Dôme. The soils are clay-limestone, more or less mixed with volcanic ash with basaltic intrusions. In a vineyard area that is very fragmented and therefore difficult to mechanise, they work by hand and with respect for the environment and according to the precepts of organic culture, in other words without insecticides, fungicides or synthetic chemical treatments.

A former student of the Beaune wine school in Burgundy, Yvan Bernard settled in the region in 2001 at the age of 22. Not being from a winegrowing family, he had to rent plots of vines from different owners to start him on his path. For twenty years, he converted his domaine to organic farming and offered wines under his name. In 2020, Yvan joined forces with Audrey Baldassin who had already been working at the estate for a few years. The estate became Les Chemins de l’ Arkose and so the adventure continued.