Domaine des Fables Les Chroniques de Gargantua (François Gilles)


Domaine des Fables Les Chroniques de Gargantua is 100% Gamay, selected for their concentrated and complex profile, mostly vinified from whole bunches and aged for 9 months in Bordeaux barrels. Unfiltered and only a pinch of sulphur at bottling. Designed to accompany Gargantuan meals and to show great expression of terroir.

Biodynamic, Natural - Serrières en Chautagne
Located on the slopes of Chautagne (Savoie), close to the Rhône and the Lac du Bourget.

4.10 ha in size, the soils are sandstone molasse and limestone scree, the vineyard benefits from a south-western exposure and a climate tempered by the lake. In this setting, the vineyard plots rub shoulders with woods, streams and meadows. He cultivates the vines with respect for the living world, so that they produce grapes that tell their own story and that of the vintage. This involves converting the estate to organic farming and biodynamic practices.

The search for balance and the richness of biodiversity guides Francois’ interventions in the plots. This work continues in the cellar where the fruit is respected and vinified gently. All the fermentations are spontaneous and the maturation guided by the stars. The wines are generally bottled without filtration and with homeopathical dose of sulphites.

Francois Gilles also owns and runs Maudit Flacon, a micro-negoce business where Francois works with organic growers from Auvergne, Languedoc and Pays de Gex (Savoie), purchases grapes and vinifies in his home cellar, applying the same care and rules as with Domaine des Fables.