Domaine le Roc, Magnum 150cl ROC'AMBULLE - Pet Nat Rosé


Magnum 150cl

At 9% ABV, Roc'Ambulle is ideal as an aperitif - slightly off-dry, slightly pink with delicious notes of redcurrant, sweet cherry and red berries and ending with delicate notes of peardrops and white flowers. This is an ideal party fizz

Roc’ Ambulle is a pet nat (pétillant naturel) made following the ancestrale method, from 100% Negrette. The grapes are harvested early, direct pressed and fermentation starts with native yeasts. The wine is cooled down just before the end of fermentation, it is bottled with a super light filtration and no addition of SO2. 

DOMAINE LE ROC, Ribes family, Fronton

We worked with Domaine le Roc between 2000 and 2004 and we are delighted to see them back on our list !

For the last 30 years, the Ribes family has been farming their 24 hectares with respect for all living things. They produce wines with immense character, the local grape Négrette is predominent, with Syrah and Cabernet. The new generation, represented by Anne and Gregoire Ribes are slowly taking over the reins.