PASQUALE PETRERA Primitivo Gioia del Colle 'Fatalone '


‘Fatalone’ means seducer in the local dialect and well-named-it is a perfect balance of smoothness, freshness and minerality. Ruby red intense colour with violet glints. Scent and taste typically fruity of berries and slightly of black sour cherry and plum with some spicy and balsamic notes. Aftertaste of toasted almond, typical of the Primitivo of Gioia del Colle.

AZIENDA AGRICOLA PASQUALE PETRERA, Gioia del Colle Certified Organic
This estate was founded in its current guise in 1987, but has been in the family for generations. Tom Maresca in the ‘Italy 2013’ supplement to Decanter Magazine (February 2013) highlights Fatalone as being one of the very top Puglian producers with their Primitivos from the hilly enclave of Gioia del Colle combining power, freshness and longevity in very fine wines.
Such longevity and drinkability are the result of exacting attention to detail from vineyard, through cellar and aging. The vineyards are situated in the Murgian hills on clay-limetone soils which contain fossilised marine creatures. In the cellar, only the naturally present yeasts are used and malolactic fermentation also starts naturally. Minimal sulphur is also used. The wine spends 6 months in wine stainless steel tanks, 6 months in Slavonic oak casks, 6 months in bottle before release.