Infra Rouge Pinot Noir, Kumpf & Meyer


Infra-Rouge Pinot Noir is ruby ​​red in colour. On the nose, aromas of small red fruits, with herbaceous and spicy notes. On the palate it is elegant and refined, with fine tannins, and beautiful freshness. Long and persistent finish. A Pinot Noir full of the flavors of the Alsatian terroir.

DOMAINE KUMPF & MEYER, Julien Albertus, Rosheim Organic, Natural
With about 16 hectares spread over more than 70 parcels of vines, the Domaine extends 15 kilometres from north to south passing through 5 communes. There are various "terroirs" in the different areas of Keeping the vines healthy is achieved whilst keeping the use of chemicals to a strict minimum. The domaine adheres to the charter "Tyflo" which is administered by Ecocert. Following these principles, the various summer tasks are performed successively during July and August: - de-budding, tying and training, removing excess bunches where necessary to promote the quality of the remaining grapes (vendange en vert), and thinning the leaves.