Intellego Wines, Pink Moustache - Jurgen Gouws, Swartland, South Africa


The Pink Moustache 59% Syrah, 33% Cinsault, 8% Mourvedre, Light red in colour, the nose has aromas of flowers and garden berries. The palate is light, fresh and fruity with a juicy long aftertaste.

INTELLEGO WINES, Jurgen Gouws, Swartland Organic, Natural
Jurgen Gouws worked with Eben Sadie for a vintage in Spain (at Terroir Al Limit in Priorat) and also South Africa. He did further stints in France (at Matassa with Tom Lubbe, Stephane Ogier, Roc d’Anglade) and in New Zealand and Russia (where he made the premium wines for a big winery during 2008 and 2009). Subsequently, he worked for 4 years at Lammershoek with Craig Hawkins, but since January 2015 has solely concentrated on Intellego and renting vineyards for his project, Jurgen works his vineyards with extreme care, using organic methods and keeping intervention in the winery as low as can be to help is wines be free & full of life.