Kelley Fox, Maresh Pinot Gris


Produced from self-rooted vines planted in 1991 at the historic Maresh Vineyard the Pinot Gris was 100% destemmed and fermented in two 1.5 ton "macrobin" (food-grade plastic) fermentors. One pigeage (foot-treading) happened each day. About 14-16 days skin contact occurred before the wine was pressed at dryness. Élevage was in a uterine-shaped concrete amphora tank. The Maresh Pinot Gris is fermented to dryness.

It is a beautiful clear pink colour and has far more complexity in the nose (roses, strawberries, and some exotic notes I can't articulate) and mouth than ordinary white Pinot gris/Pinot grigio. It has more structure and power than the white, but drinks more like a rosé than a Pinot. It is has a fine, silken texture and is delicious.

KELLEY FOX WINES, Dundee Hills and McMinnville new!Biodynamic

Kelley Fox Wines is a small winery producing Pinot noir from self-rooted, dry-farmed, old vines of the historic Maresh Vineyard in the Dundee Hills, and the Demeter-certified biodynamic Momtazi Vineyard in the McMinnville foothills since 2007.

So much for the dry and dusty history for this is a story of a woman and the very special places where the vines grow and the wine is made and mediated.

Kelley Fox has been a full-time, on-the-floor winemaker for over sixteen years. Most of the canopy work in her blocks at Maresh she does personally and in solitude, including the biodynamic sprays.