Laurent Cazottes, 72-Tomatoes liqueur


72-TOMATOES is made with... 72 ancient varieties of tomatoes, which Laurent grows organically in his estate, amongst fruit trees, flowers, herbs and vines. Noire de Crimée, Rose de Berne, Merveille des Marchés, Cornue des Andes… all these tomatoes are used to make this amazing liqueur. Saline with elegant vegetal notes and a touch of sweetness, this is an amazing aperitif, or to have with tapas, marinated anchovies or whelks in aïoli.

As with his other liqueurs, Laurent will wait until the tomatoes are dried (passerillé). They are then fully destemmed and bitter components removed by hand. The flesh is then put into an eau-de-vie of Folle Noire grapes and left to macerate until the tomato essence is fully extracted. This is then racked and the “pomace” is pressed and redistilled into a marc. This marc is then added back to the liqueur. Any adjustment in sugar is done with Folle Noire grape sugar.

LAURENT CAZOTTES, Gaillac Organic, natural

Domaine Laurent Cazottes is located in Gaillac region of the Southwest, within the Tarn department in the commune of Villeneuve-sur-Vère. Husband and wife team, Laurent and Marina, are known for making exceptional, artisan eau de vie from various fruits they organically farm,

Each eau-de-vie is made from organic fruits, harvested ripe then dried on mats to concentrate sugars/flavours. The dried fruits are then pealed one by one, cut in half, the pit/seeds/stalk are removed as to keep only the flesh of the ripe fruit. Only then are they crushed into a juice and fermented. On average the wine obtained is about 11% alc./ vol. This wine is distilled in a pot still to 66% alc./vol. Laurent bottles each eau-de-vie at 45% alc./vol after reducing the proof slowly by adjunction of rain water.

Because of the long process of making those products, the allocation for each country is very small.