Laurent Cazottes, Goutte de Poire Williams - Eau de vie


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Laurent Cazottes Goutte de Poire Williams Eau-de-vie is made from 100% Bartlett pears, destemmed and cored by hand. This process takes a team of 10 people one month to clean the fruits after harvest. The fruit is then crushed and fermented using only ambient yeasts, then double distilled in a wood-fired, 11hl pot still. It is bottled at 45%, having been brought down to proof with rain water.

LAURENT CAZOTTES, Gaillac Organic, natural

Domaine Laurent Cazottes is located in Gaillac region of the Southwest, within the Tarn department in the commune of Villeneuve-sur-Vère. Husband and wife team, Laurent and Marina, are known for making exceptional, artisan eau de vie from various fruits they organically farm,

Each eau-de-vie is made from organic fruits, harvested ripe then dried on mats to concentrate sugars/flavours. The dried fruits are then pealed one by one, cut in half, the pit/seeds/stalk are removed as to keep only the flesh of the ripe fruit. Only then are they crushed into a juice and fermented. On average the wine obtained is about 11% alc./ vol. This wine is distilled in a pot still to 66% alc./vol. Laurent bottles each eau-de-vie at 45% alc./vol after reducing the proof slowly by adjunction of rain water.

Because of the long process of making those products, the allocation for each country is very small.