Les Bottes Rouges, Pinot Noir 'La Pépée' 2020


2 bottles max. per customer

‘La Pépée’ is low yielding Pinot Noir planted in 1978 and 1990 on clay and marl. Destemmed before 10 days of maceration, without extraction. Then careful pressing before continuous fermentation and then ageing in stainless steel tanks.

LES BOTTES ROUGES, Jean-Baptiste Ménigoz, Arbois Organic, Natural
Jean-Baptiste Ménigoz, is one of the new wave of natural producers in the Jura. Former teacher and cross country skier, he completely changed his life after having his first natural wine in 2004. This was a Jean Foillard Côte du Py, and he was sold.

He learnt vine tending and winemaking under the wing of Stephane Tissot and Raphael Monnier, then enrolled in an oenology/viticulture course in 2009.

In 2012 he felt well prepared to start out on his own and made his first wines from 2 hectares. His vinery is located in the tiny village of Abergement le Petit, just 5 kilometres outside Arbois.

In 2015 Florien Kleine Snuverink, former restaurant owner in Amsterdam (Café Schiller), who had previous winemaking experience in Beaujolais (Yvon Métras) joined the tiny winery.Today they farm 7 hectares in total, spread out around their little village and on the slopes above Arbois. They own half of it and rent the rest.