Piétri-Géraud, Banyuls Rimage Mademoiselle O


Banyuls Rimage ‘Mademoiselle O’ is a Banyuls ‘muté sur grains’, a new generation Banyuls which has been vinified and matured without air contact. It is therefore fresh and vibrant with sun-gorged cherry character and silky tannins. Made from low-yielding Grenache noir grapes, it has a sumptuous rubis-red colour. Powerful and intense nose of black cherries with wild strawberry and raspberry, the palate is rich, velvety and reminiscent of cherry, cacao and red berries jam. Will work wonders with chocolate, but also with red fruit tart, strawberries and fruit salad.

Domaine Piétri-Géraud was founded at the end of the 19th century. Today it is run by Laétitia Piétri-Clara, who took over from her mother Maguy; the latter, still active, keeps a watchful eye.
Laétitia is the fifth generation of this family of Collioure winemakers to tend their vines.
“From my 13 hectares with low yields, I make five Collioure cuvées and five Banyuls; some would say I make life difficult for myself. I have been running the estate for over ten years now, and the more progress I make, the further I want to go, but the more doubts and anxieties I have.”
The vineyards are on the steep slopes of the commune of Collioure. This is the point where the Pyrenees tumble into the Mediterranean; the schist terraces which form the appellations of Collioure and Banyuls cling to the hillsides. This is rugged terroir, with a very strong identity; everything is farmed and harvested by hand, and yields are very low with an annual average of around 22 hl/ha.