Michel Tolmer - Mimi, Fifi, GlouGlou 'A Short treatise on Tasting' - Comic Book


Mimi, Fifi & Glouglou by Michel Tolmer - English Version

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The idea for this comic came from Michel Tolmer in his somewhat frequent visits to wine shows, bistros and cellars. Like jokes that start off with «this guy walks into a bar...,» all of Mimi, Fifi and Glouglou’s adventures are actual things the author has heard and seen.

«An immoderate passion for wine may cause one to behave irresponsibly. But in Mimi, Fifi and Glouglou’s case, it’s not that they drink too much but that they drink all the time. Tasting wines occupies their thoughts all day and their dreams by night -- tasting of course, but making comparisons, finding the right words to describe the fleeting, imperceptible sensations in each sip. Most of all what they consider to be the Holy Grail of wine tasting: passing themselves off as the James Bonds of wine tasting being able with just one sniff or just one taste to recognize a wine, its vintage, its winery and if they’re lucky, its vintner, his daughter’s name and what breed of dog they own. «Alas, this exercise is disappointing. Mimi, Fifi and Glouglou will find themselves assailed by ignorance, pre-conceived notions and misguided faith, and failure. However, nothing can stand between our valiant crusaders and their next glass, especially the thought of what delicious surprises the corkscrew may release in the exquisite aromas of one of life’s great pleasures.»

Foreword: Jamie Goode, Translator: Doug Wregg

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