Nicolas Carmarans, Mauvais Temps


Mauvais Temps is the good bad time had by all, ridiculously sapid and savoury and made with Fer Servadou. Whole grape vinification for thirty days and then used barrels for elevage. The name means bad weather, from vintage 2017 the Cabernet franc is no longer present in the blend. Light but complex, lively, exciting, delicious and leaves you wanting more!

Nicolas Carmarans, Izagues

For a long time, Nicolas ran a natural wine bar in Paris, Café de la Nouvelle Mairie. Interested in making wine, he travelled regularly to Aveyron, the region where his great-grandfather made wine.

After purchasing his prized "Le Mauvais Temps" site, he sold his wine bar and turned full time vigneron, back in the very region his ancestor had left to settle in Paris, a century or so before.

Nicolas worked tirelessly to restore the natural terroir of this beautiful site, surrounded by forests and all the biodiversity responsible for the unique character of his wines. Never any chemicals or pesticide, gentle handling, minimal sulphur. In the hands of Nicolas, the rather rustic and tannic Fer Servadou becomes docile and soft. Thanks to the quality of his grapes, the very light and gentle extraction, the wines gain in drinkability without compromising the true essence of the grape nor the region.

As Nico says himself “I want to make wines that I like to drink”.