Preignes, Petit Verdot 'Haut Médian'


'Medium-bodied with ripe dark fruits, good acidity, and medium tannins on the finish. Well-made wine with a bit of structure. It needs a plate of food. I would try this with red meats – grilled lamb chops sound about right.
Petit Verdot is a Bordeaux grape, often used in small amounts as part of a blend. Some producers argue that as little as 2-3% makes a big difference to the wine, adding a spicy or peppery note. Others argue that it is very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, but as they both ripen at the same time (late), it is of little use. I like the solid dark fruits and structure it adds to a wine, and would like to see more of it in the Languedoc.' John Wilson

ROBERT VIC, Preignes le Vieux Qualenvi certified
These wines are produced by Aurélie and Jérome Vic, fifth generation of the Vic family, whose estate lies close to the Mediterranean Sea, near Béziers. The grapes here benefit from perfect growing conditions and the Vic philosophy is to amplify the quality of their raw materials by sheer hard work in the vineyards. They use neither pesticides nor chemical fertilisers and are QUALENVI accredited. This certification marks commitment to food safety and traceability and is a guarantee of sustainable environmental practices. These practices shine through in wines that are fresh and free from the synthetic taste profiles that mar so many ‘house’ wines.