Ramaz Nikoladze, Tsolikouri - Imereti, Georgia


The Tsolikouri comes from his uncle’s vineyard in Lechkhumi region on the edge of the Caucausus in NW Georgia. No skin contact, no stems, this is a racy white.

"Georgian wines, the great ones, are in demand. France, Italy, London, Japan and increasingly New York are importing. Japan is super nuts over wines from this country" Alice FeiringRAMAZ NIKOLADZE, Imereti Back!Organic, Natural

Nikoladzeebis Marani was founded in 2007 by Ramaz Nikoladze on the base of his ancestors’ vineyard and typical Imeretian cellar in Nakhshirgele. There are two white Georgian grape varieties planted in the vineyard; Tsitska and Tsolikouri. Natural winemaking methods are used in both the cellars and the vineyards.